TR Panel Box Extension Series

It is typical that transient voltage surges from both external and internal sources directly affect the performance and life expectancy of electronic equipment. Products having a printed circuit board inside, from electronic lighting ballasts to computer servers, may be susceptible to transient voltage surge damage. As microprocessors and components that make up this equipment grow smaller and faster with each new generation, their susceptibility to transient voltage surge damage becomes ever greater.


The full-featured GE TR Series SPD (Surge Protective Device) line with its advanced monitoring, disconnect and enclosure options has been designed to handle the highest levels of surge activity found in the most demanding commercial and industrial facilities. These units are ideal for both new and retrofit applications where performance cannot be compromised.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum Surge Current 3rd Party Tested per NEMA LS-1
    – 25 – 300kA per mode, maximum single impulse ratings.
    – All modes protection L-N, L-G, N-G, L-L.
    – “weak link” eliminated – entire TVSS surge path tested to ratings.
  • Robust MOV Technology
    – Industrial grade 40-48MM MOVs.
    – Industrial grade 40-48MM MOVs.
    – No “stacked” ratings of small electronic grade MOV arrays.
    – 25 – 200kA per mode devices use only (1 – 4) MOVs per mode.
    – 250 – 300kA devices – (3-6) 40-48MM MOVs.
  • Patented Thermal Fuse Technology
  • Industry Leading Longevity Characteristics
    – TR 7000 Series – 20,000 ANSI/IEEE Category C3 Impulses repetitive surges.
    – TR 5000 Series – Up to 5,000 ANSI/IEEE Category C3 impulses repetitive surges.
    – TR 7000 & 5000 Series – 5,000 ANSI/IEEE 500V, 2kA 10x1000micro sec. longwave repetitive surges.
  • Excellent Surge Clamping Performance
    – UL 1449, 3rd Edition Safety Standard(September 2009 revision), Voltage Protection Rating (VPR) for all install levels in the electrical distribution system including service entrance, distribution and point of use locations.
  • Compact and Durable Wall Mounted Design
    – Smaller size and weight makes easier installation in tight electrical rooms.
    – Heavy guage steel enclosures, painted and stainless designs, surface and flush configurations with optional fiberglass on NEMA 4X.


  • UL1449, 3rd edition (September 2009) listed.
    Click here to visit UL web site
  • UL 1283
  • CSA 22.2
  • ANSI / IEEE C62.21-1991(R1995)
  • ANSI / IEEE C62.45-2002
  • NEMA LS-1-1992 (R2000)
  • MIL-STD-220B
  • ANSI / NFPA 70B
  • NEC article 285

Product Scope

  • Per Mode : 65kA – 300kA
  • Per Phase : 130kA – 600kA
  • Surge Withstand : 65 and 200kAIC
  • Voltage : 120V to 600V
  • NEMA Ratings : NEMA 1, 4, 4X, 12