The Slim Line Power (SLP) Series of front-end rectifiers are highly efficient and dense isolated power supply units. The compact 1U x 1U or 1.5U x 1.5U form factor makes these rectifiers ideal for space constraint applications. The mid to light load efficiency of these power supply units are of key importance given the nature of the power consumption of the end application.


The SLP Series rectifiers provide comprehensive solutions for systems connected to commercial AC mains, power plants or telecom central offices. The industry standard PMBus compliant I2C communication bus offers a full range of control and monitoring capabilities while the SMBAlert signal pin alerts customers automatically of any state change within the power supply.

Features and Benefits

  • 1U x 1U or 1.5U x 1.5U Compact Size
  • Platinum Efficiency
  • Outputs Available in 12V and 54V
  • Hot insertion/removal (hot plug)
  • Digital status & control: PMBus serial bus
  • UL, TUV


  • 12V Distributed Power Architecture
  • Mid-End & Blade Servers
  • Routers & Switches
  • Advanced Workstations
  • Network Equipment & Storage
  • Enterprise Networks