Power/Vac* OEM Express Switchgear

Designed with the OEM in mind, Power/Vac OEM Express is fully assembled mechanically complete switchgear without devices and wire. This results in shorter cycles than finished switchgear products, while allowing the OEM to add contributive value by mounting devices and wiring the equipment. OEM Ex-press is the same robust, high quality design, which has made Power/Vac switchgear and Power/Vac breakers the most recognized name in the industry for medium voltage switchgear. A full range of ratings is available from 5kV 250mva through 15kV 1500mva. Both indoor and outdoor construction is offered along with a wide variety of stacking configurations.

Product Scope

  • Ratings 5kv 250 mva through 15kv 1500mva
  • 1200 amp, 2000 amp, 3000 amp bus
  • Indoor & outdoor construction
  • Features GE Power/Vac vacuum breakers
  • UR label

Features and Benefits

  • Two high breaker stacking
  • Blank front hinged doors – door punching optional
  • Bolted rear covers
  • Includes internal device mounting panels
  • Terminal block mounting space
  • Ground & Test devices, test cabinet, remote racking available