CR104P NEMA Pilot Devices

The GE Push Button offering includes a complete line of pilot devices and stations for industrial and commercial applications. They are available in 30mm and in 22mm sizes.


The CR104P (30mm) line heavy-duty oiltight and watertight line is complete with a variety of accessories and enclosures.


Hot Buttons: Ready to go right now

GE has taken its most popular push buttons, pilot lights and selector switches, matched them with their most used contacts and nameplates, and boxed them together. One catalog number, one box, one price. The buttons, lights and selector switches you use most, assembled and ready to go.

Features and Benefits

  • Greater torque – due to right sided ring design, greater torque can be applied during assembly and installation to provide oil tightness.
  • Ease of assembly – one screwcontact block mounting.
  • Multiple industrial environments – all units (except PTP) are suitable for use in NEMA type 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4x, 12 and 13 applications – keeps installation foolproof.