Advanced Network Management at your fingertips

Take your EV infrastructure project to the next level with GE’s WattStation* and DuraStation* EV charger in combination with Connect. This integrated hardware and software solution can help manage your charging stations remotely, enable EV drivers to find stations at your facilities, generate valuable reports, and engage with customers in new and meaningful ways.

Services Overview

WattStation Connect Feature Chart

Features and Benefits: WattStation Connect

  • Manage. Monitor. Maintain: WattStation Connect provides a user-friendly cloud-based web application for owners to configure, control and monitor their charging station network. Timely information about the state of their charging stations gives owners the ability to diagnose and manage problems remotely.
  • Simple Access Control: WattStation Connect provides owners with the ability to restrict access to their stations through the use of an RFID card. Our simple to use web interface makes it easy to grant access to drivers.
  • Set Pricing: WattStation Connect provides owners with the ability to set pricing for their stations through the use of a desk top web-enabled system. Choose the price schedule to fit your needs; change it when your needs change with just a few clicks!
  • Offer Payment Options: WattStation Connect provides one of the most flexible payment options in the market. WattStation and DuraStation equipped with WattStation Connect accommodate payments through PayPal and Credit Card payments through iPhone and Android devices.
  • Open Platform: WattStation Connect Web Services enable you to integrate data from the WattStation network into your existing systems using an Application Programming Interface (API). Our unique open platform has allowed multiple 3rd parties to develop new features and content for your benefit.

Features and Benefits: EV Connect

  • Advanced Dashboard: The Advanced Dashboard is a simple, easy-to-navigate, information-rich portal which offers customers real time station status, historic system alerts, historic usage statistics and sustainability metrics at-a-glance.
  • New Pricing Options: EV Connect provides owners with additional pricing policy options including regressive pricing schemes which enable tiered pricing over time, driver group pricing exceptions, time window scaling of policies to support demand response and other time-and user-based pricing options.
  • Enhanced Reporting: An enhanced set of reports are available including sustainability metrics such as greenhouse gas (GHG) savings, gasoline reductions, and more. Capable of being automatically sent via a pre-determined schedule, enhanced reporting gives more detailed management information to system operators on their stations and provides insights into the environmental benefits of their charge station network on an ongoing basis.
  • Energy Management/Demand Response: Integration of charge stations with the local utility grid is an increasingly important issue. EV Connect implements demand response services via an OpenADR 2.0 Virtual End Node (VEN). This open source demand response protocol is widely used among utilities. Capabilities of the integration include remote start/stop and throttling of charging stations based on signals from electric utilities or load aggregators.
  • Advanced Driver Services: EV Connect provides a remarkable set of driver-focused features to help maximize station-driver turnover, usage and availability. These include patented driver queuing technology, driver to driver communications and more.

WattStation Connect Software Platform Overview