AH 500 Electric hydraulic unit

Electric hydraulic power unit:
• equipped with hydraulic hose with PM quick coupler
• works with all ERKO hydraulic heads and devices (equipped with PT quick coupler)
• power supply voltage: 3 x 230V/400V (sequence of phases unimportant), or 230V
single phase option recommended for non intensive works
• power: 0,85 kW
• efficiency: 0,66 l/min
• pressure: 380/630 bar (can electrically switch to 380 bar)
• 2,5 m long hydraulic hose
Dimensions: 520x370x690 mm; Weight: 43kg
On request possibility of manufacturing with many pressure ports and other lenght
of hydraulic hose. Working at 380 bar pressure reduces load on the head during operation
in which 380 bar is sufficient and ensures correct cycle performance.