AF-650 GP* Enclosed Drive Panel

With a Constant Torque rating and built in functionality such as line disconnect, bypass contactors, and line and load filtering, the AF-650 GP Enclosed Drive Panel is suited for your demanding applications. And like the FP Enclosed Drive Panel, there are two versions: a space saving slimline panel (as shown) and a traditional style panel.


Designed for challenging work, the AF-650 GP Enclosed Drive has been optimized to run conveyors, mixers, agitators and more. These panels include all the benefits of the AF-650 core drive including: 150% overload; open or closed loop speed / vector control; advanced motor braking control; and additional enhancements like a dynamic brake chopper; Type 1, 12 or 3R enclosures; and Matrix filters.


With these and other advanced features, the AF-650 GP Enclosed Drive Panel not only helps you meet your tough requirements but also supports your special fan and pump or variable torque requirements as well.

Features and Benefits

  • A full range of enclosed drives:
    – 208VAC,460VAC and 575VAC offerings
    – Up to 300hp in standard offering
    – Up to 500hp available as factory quote
    – Up to 600hp in Disconnect Drive offering
    – Up to 1000hp MultiPulse panels (e.g.,12,18 or 24 pulse) available as factory quote

  • Enclosures available
    – Slimline NEMA Type 1 up to 60HP makes it easier to install in reduced space. Standard on lower HP units.
    – Traditional NEMA Type 1 from 75 to 300HP. Standard on higher HP units.
    – Traditional NEMA Type 12
    – Traditional NEMA 3R


  • Five configurations available
    – Non-bypass Disconnect Drive with compact size
    – Non-bypass with full feature set
    – Non-bypass with Output Contactor with full feature set
    – Drive +2 contactor bypass with full feature set
    – Drive +3 Contactor bypass with full feature set


  • Communication protocols
    – Modbus RTU built in
    – Devicenet, Ethernet IP, ModBus TCP, ProfiBus DP and ProfiNet RT as options


  • UL and cUL approved