AF-600 FP* Fan & Pump Drives




Built for HVAC
The AF-600 FP drive has been optimized for the range of variable torque applications, including fans, compressors and pumps. Its size makes it easy to mount in a control panel, and its dedicated features include sophisticated controls that make it a perfect match for HVAC solutions.


Want to Calculate your Energy Savings?

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Compared to fixed speed motors without drives, the use of GE’s AF-6 Series drives will significantly reduce energy consumption.

For example, the installation of ten AF-600 FP Fan & Pump drives will result in:

  • 78% reduction in kilowatt hours
  • $30,472 in annual energy savings
  • 9 month simple project payback

The same application will avoid 17 metric tons per year in CO2 emissions. That?s the equivalent of planting 5 acres (about 3.5 American football fields) of new trees.

Now, AF-6 Series drives have been certified as a product of ecomagination. This means that they have met rigorous criteria for improving both value and environmental performance for GE customers.

Options & Accessories

  • DCT-10 Drive Control Tool Software
  • Remote Mounting Keypad Kit
  • NEMA 1 Field Kit
  • Dynamic Braking with brake resistors
  • External disconnect switch
  • Advanced harmonic filters for < 5% harmonic current
  • Sine filters (LC) for noiseless motor
  • Network communications: Profibus DP, DeviceNet, EtherNet IP, Modbus TCP
  • Various other I/O options

Features and Benefits

  • 230VAC, 1−Phase: 2HP−30HP
  • 230VAC, 3-Phase: 1HP-60HP
  • 460VAC, 1−Phase: 10HP−50HP
  • 460Vac, 3-Phase: 1HP-1000HP
  • 575Vac, 3-Phase: 1HP-1350HP
  • Self protecting features
  • 110% current overload for 1 minute
  • Flying start (catch a spinning motor)
  • Precise stop function
  • Electronic thermal overload
  • Easy to use PC software
  • Energy monitoring feature
  • Flow compensation
  • Pump cascade controller
  • Sleep mode
  • Automated resonance monitoring
  • Fan belt monitoring
  • Stairwell pressurization
  • Fire override mode
  • Standards: CE, UL, cUL
  • Stand-alone drive types

For drives rated up to and including 125HP

  • IP20/chassis
  • IP21/NEMA 1 Field Installed Kit

For drives rated 150HP or more

  • IP00/chassis
  • IP21/NEMA 1

For all drives

  • IP54 /55/NEMA 12